Add This to Your Link Building Strategy

A huge part of any link building strategy is clear and concise URLs. If someone can get to your specific page without having to type in a crazy long handle, you are able to get more traffic. You also get an SEO boost for nice and short URLs, and its easier for people to remember. It also reinforces your brand in a subconscious way. If you are sharing a link with a potential client; […]

Pinterest is still King of Organic Reach over Tik Tok

With how strong Tik Tok’s FYP is, it may surprise you that Pinterest is still king of organic reach. With all the social networks scrambling to compete with Tik Tok, perhaps you thought reels now had the most organic reach, but Pinterest still has the crown due to the difference in platforms, algorithms, and content forms. Its harder to go viral or blow up on tiktok/reels because you have to create compelling video content, where […]

Best time to Grow on Instagram than Ever Before

I know what your thinking, your thinking this is gonna be a post about how you need to be using reels because of the organic reach attached to them. While this is true, you should be taking advantage of the exposure Instagram is willing to give you to try and compete with Tik Tok. I actually want to focus on something else you should be taking advantage of. BOTS. People are not liking Instagram for […]

SERPs are Evolving to Reflect a Digital Landscape Dominated by Social Media

With algorithms and search capabilities becoming more advanced on social platforms, most notably Tik Tok. People are favoring them over traditional search methods, like google maps. Recently Google SVP stated that “almost 40% of young people, when they’re looking for a place for lunch, they don’t go to google maps or search. They go to Tik Tok or Instagram.” UX/UI plays a big role here. Instead of searching on Google and being met with a […]

Platforms are Making Moves in Response to TikTok

Lots of things are changing in the digital landscape, have you noticed it?! Platforms are changing algorithms, pushing new features, and getting UI/UX facelifts. Facebook has recently updated its user dashboard. I like it, things are organized nicely and things flow much better now. Its modular based now or something. When switching thru the tabs it no longer brings you to a new page, but a new module within the dashboard. This may be small […]