A huge part of any link building strategy is clear and concise URLs. If someone can get to your specific page without having to type in a crazy long handle, you are able to get more traffic. You also get an SEO boost for nice and short URLs, and its easier for people to remember.

It also reinforces your brand in a subconscious way. If you are sharing a link with a potential client;


looks way better than


So not only is it easier to remember, it looks nicer, thus makes your brand seem more professional.

There’s a way to do this no matter what platform you use. If you have a WordPress site, you can edit the permalink or you can use a plugin like, Pretty Links.

This is encouraged.

Equally as important, you need to leverage the brand recognition of the top URL shorten-ers. Especially in the beginning when your brand is smaller. Once you have your link and you create a short url for it with your domain. Go on to your bitly, shorturl, etc and create nice URLs for your content using those platforms.

These services have become prime real estate. Almost like a search engine for a single keyword or specific string.

bit.ly/freelancer – Freelancer.com

bit.ly/mediaagency – Tai Lopez Funnel

I didn’t find these links from any social posts or anything. I was simply playing around and typing random things after bit.ly/. I’m not saying people are using bit.ly this way, but they could be. Either way, its beneficial if your URL is longer than 6 characters. You see big creators using bit.ly for links towards their websites, google/other online documents, specific YouTube playlists, etc.

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