Lots of things are changing in the digital landscape, have you noticed it?! Platforms are changing algorithms, pushing new features, and getting UI/UX facelifts.

Facebook has recently updated its user dashboard. I like it, things are organized nicely and things flow much better now. Its modular based now or something. When switching thru the tabs it no longer brings you to a new page, but a new module within the dashboard. This may be small for some but this is a nice feature that helps with flow and makes it seem more modern.

This morning I noticed that Google has dropped a facelift for Gmail. They updated the color schemes and changed to rounded corners. Small changes, but overall the whole vibe and feel to the platform is now different. It feels much more modern now.

Instagram is pushing video content hard with their reels feature. Regardless of the backlash they are facing from the user base. Users want Instagram to remain Instagram and not try to be TikTok.

Which brings me to the next point.

All this change is fueled by competition. Social Media was becoming very stagnant. Meta had control over the main platforms. There was no creativity or development happening. The only thing that was happening was organic reach was falling drastically. While paid reach was becoming the only option for brands to grow. It was sour times for people trying to grow online.

Then an unlikely hero arises, TikTok, formerly Musically; a singing and dancing app. It has a very precise algorithm paired with a discoverability factor, aka the return of organic reach. As well as some cool effects and editing features. Its where all the attention was, and where creators could find the most growth without paying. It wasn’t long until TikTok started pushing the new feature of boosting your posts though. It is, however, still the king of organic reach and discoverability.

So much so it has caused other platforms to take notice and make moves. These platforms that have become pay to play, are now being forced to increase organic reach. So although many are upset at Instagram for becoming more like Tik Tok, it is good in a sense. I know people want that organic reach brought back to photos instead of reels. I agree, but we have to take our victories when and where we can. If you simply repost your current feed in the form of reels you can see huge growth.

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