I know what your thinking, your thinking this is gonna be a post about how you need to be using reels because of the organic reach attached to them. While this is true, you should be taking advantage of the exposure Instagram is willing to give you to try and compete with Tik Tok. I actually want to focus on something else you should be taking advantage of.


People are not liking Instagram for a few reasons these days, the majority reason is cuz they are moving away from pictures and pushing video content to compete with Tik Tok. The other reason is all the bots, go to any post and you will likely see a few bots in every comment section. Its annoying, and makes it seem like Instagram is even more dead than it actually is. You see more bots than humans.

Every negative has a positive, you can take advantage of this situation to grow.

All you need to do, is something that you should have been doing this whole time, participating in the community, engaging with others content. The big focus here is comments.

Thanks to these bots, it makes human interaction stand out much more. You should be commenting more than you ever have right now. Not only does your genuine comment stand out much more than the same copy and paste comment that’s been made 1000 of times on all sorts of different posts, but users are appreciating real human engagement more than ever before, which means they are more likely to return the favor.

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