We utilize networks that feature high discoverability, such as; Pinterest, Tik Tok, Reels, and where ever else the attention is, so we can direct that attention back to homebase, your website.

  • Cohesive & Exclusive

    Part of our strategy will be assigning specific roles to each of your channels, creating a purpose for following each of them.

  • Community Growth

    So many agencies and "influencers" over look the power of human connection, social interaction is a core concept of our methods.

  • Trend Riding / Creative Mixing

    Like it or not, doing trends can help you get some of them eyes we all desperately crave! We implement these techniques in humorous ways.


Follow this path to keep em’ comin back.

Top Rated Customer Service

Making Customer Satisfaction your number one priority is the surest way to succeed in business.

We pride ourselves in our customer first approach and our ability to carry it over into clients marketing strategies. 


Loyalty Points Program

The Wizard’s are firm believers in giving back to those who come back.

We believe every business should have a loyalty rewards programs for their patrons, so we can set that up for you.

Adoption of Care Packages

We find showing appreciation to our customers increases brand loyalty. 

We will craft you a branded thank you package to include with every order.

Strong Base Awareness campaigns on google ads / Meta modeled after digital infrastructure.

Retargeting / precision ads to increase conversions and brand recognition / loyalty.

Traditional / Digital Formats & Mediums