DIO SPELL / Digital Infrastructure Optimization

Is Your Company Optimized for The Digital Age?

With so much of the world having gone digital these days it’s imperative that a business maintains at least a minimal online presence, in not doing so, you are leaving money on the table, you’re saying no to free advertising. It’s bad business to turn down anything that will bring more eyes to your product. 

In our eyes there are 3 aspects to a digital presence, which is; a Website, Social Media, and listings in 3rd Party Directories

Your website acts as your main hub, your digital home, it’s where you have the most control of design and content. 



  • B.O.D.O
  • Control of Design & Content
  • No 3rd-Party Sale's Fees
  • Dedicated Sales Funnels

B.O.D.O (Base of Digital Operations)
Your website is your home, your base of digital operations where customers can find your location, buy your products, and keep up with your journey.

Your In Control
You are no longer restricted by the limitations and rules of social media when its comes to design and the content itself. You can create anything you want and display it however you want.

No Sale’s Fees
This doesn’t apply to everyone, but when selling online, 3rd Party Marketplaces take a big percentage of the sale. When you sell a product direct on your site, you avoid that fee/tax.

No Distractions, Streamlined Sales Funnels
What’s nice about having your own website/network, you can now create standalone sales funnels or dedicated landing pages for anything you may want.

Social Media

Having a profile setup on all the most relevant platforms helps more than you might think, you don’t need to go all Logan Paul into it, hell you don’t even need to post content if you don’t want to. 

At least have one set up so if a potential customer is using a social network as a search engine, which many do, because they pretty much are at this point, then they can be directed to your website or location directions via your bio link. 

Social Media Networks are indeed 3rd party directories with extra features. Although advertising is recommended, it is not needed to utilize the organic reach of social platforms.

3rd Party Directories

Google is the most popular website/search engine there is, millions of users everyday are searching for businesses and services just like yours. Claiming your Google listing and optimizing your business profile is a huge boost in the digital age. After setting up your Google profile, moving on to the other top directories, especially industry specific i.e (Home contractor on Houzz, Home Advisor) is a must.

Want someone else to do all this for you?


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The first step before we do anything is audit your business’s current digital footprint. We see what you have, what you don’t have, where you are showing up, where you should be showing up, and what your pain points are so we can get a more detailed picture of our path forward.

Find the Path Forward

If you have a website, we run it through multiple SEO Analyzers to generate a list of top, medium, and low priority tasks to be completed to increase your current site SERP (Search Engine Results Page) Ranking and overall website performance and usability. We can also discuss Redesign possibilities at this point, our websites come with proper SEO included.

If you don’t have a website we can discuss whether you need a micro site (1 page) or if you will need an e-commerce site, where you will sell products online.

We do the same thing for social media and 3rd party directories, if you have them, we audit them, if you don’t, we create them. The idea is we are building strong foundations for your digital infrastructure.


If nothing else we highly recommend a $150 min. monthly budget dedicated to google ads so you continuously have ad campaigns running and a steady stream of traffic/conversions. With Google ads we can get very specific in the targeting of the area.