We recently touched on how all the big social media platforms are changing due to TikTok’s shakeup of the landscape. For this scroll I want to focus on Facebook specifically and some of the changes coming and how you can leverage these changes in favor of your business.

As we mentioned, discoverability is at the center of all these changes. That’s what they need to bring back to their apps to compete with TikTok. It’s a breath of fresh air and reminds us why competition is good, especially after these platforms have been pay to play for so long.

Coming up you can expect to see more and more content from pages and people that you don’t follow recommended to you by Facebook’s A.i. Mark believes Facebook has an advantage over other platforms because of Facebook’s diverse content formats.

In a interview with The Verge Mark said:

“What’s basically going to happen is that, over the next year or two, we’ll start showing more recommended content in the Feed. And we’ll know that we’re doing a good job because the content in the beginning is going to displace some other content, and either displacing that content is going to lead to negative feedback from people, and lead to people connecting with each other less in all the metrics that we focus on, or it will actually lead to people connecting more and being more satisfied with the product.”

It just goes to show we were on the right path in our last scroll, expect major changes to continue to roll out from these platforms to try and combat Tik Tok’s disruption of “their” market.

So keep this in mind moving forward, our recommendation would be to take advantage of these upcoming changes. If you have let your attention slip away from your Facebook Pages, perhaps its time to give them a facelift and revitalize them.

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