We had a magnificent scroll for you, but sadly, it is lost forever. We will try to recreate the magic of that scroll with this one. With record inflation, which means less ad spend for small business owners, we thought it may be a good time to cover the best ways to get the most organic reach these days, always a good thing to stay on top of regardless.

Scroll Summary:

  1. Utilize Organic ReachTik Tok, Pinterest, FB & IG Reels.
  2. Where To Get Content IdeasUser-Gen Databases; Reddit, Quora, Pinterest.
  3. How to Produce and Distribute so Much ContentThe Gary Vee Content Model

Utilizing Organic Reach

Always a good idea to follow the behind the scenes of social media platforms and take notice of any new features they push out, you can bet your bottom dollar the use of any new features will garner more reach and engagement.

Tik Tok has been king of organic reach ever since it exploded, which has been a positive for the other platforms, because although they are dying as a result of Tik Tok, they are now forced to adapt, they have started to shift back from that pay-to-play, and implementing new features that promote organic reach like Tik Tok. Facebook and Instagram have both implemented “Reels” and they currently get the most reach on those platforms.

Pinterest is still one of the top platforms for organic reach, and no matter what your content is, you should be pinning everything from your site onto Pinterest. There are browser extension apps that you can download to do all this with a simple click.

Our advice, is take advantage of these platforms and features while they are hot.

Where to Get Content Ideas

Get ideas from those who inspire you, as well as utilize online user-generated databases like reddit or quora for all sorts of questions and conversation starter pieces. To break it down how this works, just to be thorough for that SEO, we will give two examples;

Say you give reviews and you want to do a review on Harry Potter but your not sure what to include, or you want to address others perspectives/criticisms in the review.

Visit r/HarryPotter, scroll the feed and take it all in. I found this:

You could include this very screenshot in your video and respond to it or even just share your curiosity with the question.

Visit Quora, you can type “harry potter” in the search and a list of questions(and answers) regarding Harry Potter will pop up.

You could literally make a series of Harry Potter videos dedicating a video to each question if you wanted, it’s a great resource if you love that sort of discussion.

Say you have a bike shop.

Visit r/cycling/, scroll the feed and take it all in. I found this:

Again, you could create a video or blog post giving your thoughts, knowledge, and experience on these specific parts.

Visit Quora, type “bikes” into the search. Not only does a list of Q&As pop up, but you also have the option to jump in to a “cycling” category.

Again you can now make numerous videos addressing these questions that your possible customers could have.

How to Produce so Much Content for so Many Platforms

It was one thing to find time to make 1 video and upload it to 1 platform, now you have to make 5 videos a day and post them all to 5 different platforms, it can get to be a bit much. Its best to hire someone, like us, or have a dedicated person on staff to deal with all these things exclusively. Having good time management and being organized with planning, we use milanote, is a huge key to being successful in any of this. We won’t break it down it for you, because Gary Vee already did, this is a tried and true method for content creation and distribution that works very well:

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